Next Meeting - Jan., 12th, 2017


Next Coin Show:- Dec., 18th


Winners for the Grading Contest (see rules below).
Ft Lauderdale Coin & Stamp Show


Winner- Rick Desanctis -2

Runner up- Phil Seewer -2

3rd Place- Steve Rubenstein -3

Honorable Mention with -5:

Joe Augustine

Jim Wagner

Dimitrios Scarlatos.

There were 25 entries.   If you would like to know your score please see Bill Sanders. 

We would like to thank Steve Bromfield for his efforts in making this possible.


Ft Lauderdale Coin & Stamp Show
-10 AM to 3 PM
Volunteer Park Center -12050 West Sunrise Blvd
Plantation, Fla. (Near Sawgrass Mall)
Show Chairman- Joe Marshall- 954-802-4967


Next Club MEETING!



-NEXT Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club Meeting- Starts 7:00 PM

-Visitors Welcome


Monthly Meetings- 2nd/4th-Thursday Nights

Doors open at 6:15 PM Meeting

Volunteer Park Center - 12050 West Sunrise Boulevard

Plantation, Fl

-Lots of free parking

 Meetings are from 7-9 .p.m. with an Auction at every meeting

We will have a short talk before the meeting.


Young Collector Table at each Coin Show

 The New Young Collector's Table was established and manned by Joe Zelinski and others.  Donated Coins from the Richard White Memorial Fund & other patrons are provided for the Young Collectors to redeem their Young Collector Dollars. 

Joe & volunteers  set up at both Monthly Shows - Ft. Lauderdale & Hollywood.


Grading Contest Sponsored by Steve Bromfield.

      • "THe coming Sunday Coin Show at Veteran's Park, Sunrise Blvd.we will offer all comers one free entry into
        the coin grading contest.
        Repeat; there is one free entry per person attending the coin show.

        I will bring six NGC graded coins.   Most likely Morgan Dollars because everyone knows how to grade
        them.   The actual grade on the coin will be covered up.  The coins will be clearly visible from both sides.

        Anyone who wishes, can pick up a grading sheet (one per customer) and look at the coins, mark down 
        the grade he/she sees for each coin and submit it to me for scoring.

        The grading system will go by The Grading Standard points.  If the actual grade on the coins is a MS 60
        and someone graded it AU 55, they would have been off by two grading points (AU55 to AU 58) and (AU58 to MS60).  The score that would be assigned them is 2.        Getting the grade on the nose would score a zero.    
        Given this, then  one can see that the aim of the game is to get as few points as possible, just like golf.

        The prizes awarded are:   First place will be awarded a 2000 SIlver Eagle.
                                                    In case of a tie, there will be a run-off grade test of two more coins.

        The Grand Prize if someone scores a perfect Zero score is a mint state silver dollar in a holder.

        The time of the event;  it will run ALL MORNING and the answers will be opened and graded beginning 
        at 1PM.  THe winner or winners will be announced at 1:30 PM.

        Please join the fun and enter the contest.  "


        Steve Bromfield

  WebMaster & Designer: Bill Sanders